My education began in the Paralegal field where I studied different aspects of criminal law,  civil law, probate law, family law and contract law. However, my true passion in my heart has always been in Law Enforcement.


I enrolled in the Law Enforcement Academy at San Antonio College in 2007, where I received training to become a Peace Officer in the State of Texas. In December of 2008 I completed the Law Enforcement Academy.


I began my career in Law Enforcement with the Bexar County Sheriff Office in 2009.  I was assigned to west patrol as a reserve Deputy.  I was fortunate to  received training like a full-time Deputy  through a Field Training Officer. My Law Enforcement career lead me in the direction of the Bexar County Constable's Office, where I developed knowledge and experience as a Deputy Constable in the areas of criminal law and civil law. I briefly worked in municipal government but I found most of my early Law Enforcement Career would be with a Constable's Office in Bexar County.